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Special Service Tools

Diagnostic Tools

  Tool Number Legacy Tool Number Tool Name Price (USD)
SDD - Laptop and Tablet
JLR-CF53   Panasonic CF-53 TOUGHBOOK $3,570.00 Add To Order
JLR-IDS-CFVEB531U   CF53 Docking Station $385.94 Add To Order
CF53-Battery   Panasonic CF53 Laptop Replacement Battery $195.85 Add To Order
JLR-FZ-G1   Panasonic FZ-G1 TOUGHPAD $5,160.05 Add To Order
IKEY-FZG1-US   iKey Detachable Keyboard for TOUGHPAD FZ-G1 $631.76 Add To Order
FZ-G1 Dock   FZ-G1 Panasonic Tablet PC Docking Station (Port Replicator) $640.28 Add To Order
MS.1982   12V Car Charger CF-53, FZ-G1 $434.25 Add To Order
USB HUB   Four Port USB Hub $11.16 Add To Order
DTSE9G2/32GB   USB Memory Stick $34.25 Add To Order
MS.2008   Card Reader $31.15 Add To Order
Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) Devices
JLR00001   JLR VCI $840.79 Add To Order
DAPN0093   JLR-VCI Replacement Cable $138.90 Add To Order
JLR-DOIP-VCI-WF   DOIP VCI $1120.36 Add To Order
1699200366879   DoIP VCI OBDII cable Call to Order
JLR-DAPN0031   DA-VINA J-2534 Vehicle Communications Interface $759.21 Add To Order
DAPN0035   DA-ST-512 J2534/ Multi Function Device $1,228.50 Add To Order
DAPN0023   J1962 Right Angle Connector Cable $52.00 Add To Order
JAG-078-00496J   VCM Unit $2,103.86 Add To Order
0746-06-21   VCM 4m Ethernet cable Discontinued
418-0002   VCM 4m Ethernet cable $193.47 Add To Order
JAG-078-00479   VCM 2.5m DLC Cable Discontinued
JAG-078-00523   VCM 4.5M DLC cable $284.57 Add To Order
MS.1911   VCM power Supply Discontinued
Service Function Tools
DAPN0036   DA-Dongle EPBR – Electronic Park Brake Release Device $306.66 Add To Order
DAPN0039   DA-Dongle SIR – Service Interval Reset Device $306.66 Add To Order
DAPN0050   DA-Dongle TTMT - Tight Tolerance Mode Toggle $337.32 Add To Order
DAPN0045   DA-Dongle TM - Transport Mode Toggle $337.32 Add To Order
DAPN0035   DA-ST-512 J2534/ Multi Function Device $1,228.50 Add To Order
Components for VMM
3548-1163-00   PROBE TIP ADAPTERS $354.51 Add To Order
3552-1026-00   PROBE TIP ADAPTER KIT #2 $554.81 Add To Order
3552-5401-00   BATTERY CABLE $333.40 Add To Order
3552-5402-00   BLACK ROVING PROBE $271.57 Add To Order
3552-5403-00   RED ROVING PROBE $338.18 Add To Order
3552-5406-00   USB ADAPTOR CABLE 4M $674.52 Add To Order
  3555-5415-00   PORT C3 AND PORT C4 ADAPTOR $136.74 Add To Order
Components for Cart
JLR-Trolley-US   JLR SDD Cart $1,884.04 Add To Order
MS.2005   Cart Conversion Tray $499.77 Add To Order
MS.2006   Monitor Bracket $411.39 Add To Order
MS.1945   Cable accessory kit Call to Order
  MS.1901   Mobile Bag $110.27 Add To Order
MS.1906   US 5 M Lead Harness $27.32 Add To Order
CF-VDRRT3U   External DVD Drive $547.80 Add To Order
JLR IDU   Inline Diagnostic Unit Discontinued
JLR-IDU2-NAS   Inline Diagnostic Unit 2 $2,342.18 Add To Order