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Special Service Tools
Tool Number:
Tool Name:
ST-512 J2534/ Multi Function Device ST512
Legacy Tool Number:
Superseded to “JLR00004”
A vehicle communication interface device is JLR approved and covers CAN, ISO9141, SCP Vehicle Networks. Suited for legacy, current and future vehicles. 12-foot detachable USB Cable as standard included.

Service Manual:

NOTE: For bent or broken connector pins, JLR replacement cable available. See tool number DAPN0093.

This tool is superseded and replaced by SST Hand-Held “JLR00004”.

Feedback Session Data:
When the device is connected to the vehicle it will perform a complete sweep of the vehicle. This vehicle sweep provides valuable information back to JLR. This information is collected and stored on the device internal memory.

The feedback session data is sent to JLR and cleared from the device memory every time you connect to the manufacturers download application (DA App Hub). As the device memory becomes 80% or more full, the user will be informed by a message on the device display screen. If the device memory does become 100% full (approx. 50 vehicles), you will not be able to use the device until you have downloaded the data on the DA App Hub. When the feedback data download is successful the flash memory on the device is erased and the counter reset ready for the next 50 vehicles.

After every 50 vehicles the DAPN0035 (ST512) and JLR00004 (SST Hand Held) must be connected to the DA App Hub software to download the feedback data.

It is recommended JLR SST users install the JLR SST version of the App Hub and DA-ST512 users continue with the latest version of standard App Hub. However, the latest version of App Hub (V2.6.3) supports both products and can update either. The same is true of the JLR SST App Hub (V1.0.4), as this supports both products.

The most important factor though is to ensure the end users are on the latest version of either application which is available from the download page of our website.