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Special Service Tools

Fuel System

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 Tool NumberLegacy Tool NumberTool NamePrice (USD)
310-00118G.1001Fuel Tank Lock Ring (fuel level transmitter) Wrench$225.51Add To Order
310-043JD.181Fuel Injection Pressure Test Adaptor used with JAG1515$543.85Add To Order
310-044JD.182Quick-Fit Connector Releasing Tool (Mandatory)$11.44Add To Order
310-045JD.183Quick-Fit Connector Releasing Tool$118.82Add To Order
310-054JD.203Quick Disconnect Release Tool$8.56Add To Order
310-058-01 Fuel Pressure Test Adaptor$159.02Add To Order
310-072 Removal Fuel Pump/Sendor Locking NutDiscontinued
310-072A Wrench - Fuel Tank Lock RingDiscontinued
310-076 Disconnect Tool$30.35Add To Order
310-077 Disconnect ToolDiscontinued
310-094 Fuel Tank Strap$75.76Add To Order
310-101 Throttle Setting Tool$62.83Add To Order
310-110A Low Pressure Fuel System Bleed Pump for Diesel$302.39Add To Order
310-121310-121-LSOxygen Sensor Wrench (Mandatory)$106.58Add To Order
 310-127 Remover/Installer Fuel Module Ring - Replaced by 310-147Discontinued
310-132 Fuel Line Schrader Valve Adapter$143.73Add To Order
310-146 Remover/Replacer Fuel Mod Retain Ring (Mandatory)$595.29Add To Order
310-147 Remover/Installer Fuel Module Ring - Replaces 310-127$408.68Add To Order
310-152 Diesel Fuel Injector Kit$120.00Add To Order
310-154 Fuel Tank Drain Adaptor (Mandatory)$83.63Add To Order
42 found: Page 1 of 3
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