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Special Service Tools


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 Tool NumberLegacy Tool NumberTool NamePrice (USD)
204-002JD.14Wishbone Pivot Shaft Dummies (2 Pieces)$105.45Add To Order
204-003JD.15Rear Hub Master Spacer and Bearing Removal-Installation Tool used with shop press XJ6 III-XJS Range$104.13Add To Order
204-004 Upper Wishbone Bushing Remover-Replacer$288.11Add To Order
204-005 Hub Bearing Remover$284.85Add To Order
204-006 Torque Arm Bushing Remover-Replacer$265.90Add To Order
204-007JD.25BCamber Tie Down Links(2 Pieces)$100.32Add To Order
204-008JD.6HCoil Spring Compressor (set)$787.79Add To Order
204-010JD.11BCoil Shock Unit Disassembly Adaptor XJR-S Tools (4 pieces) used with 100-019Discontinued
204-011JD.1DHub Removal Tool$435.16Add To Order
204-086JD.13BRear Hub End Float Gauge (required dial indicator not supplied)$111.98Add To Order
204-111JD.115Coil Spring Compressor (set)$513.45Add To Order
204-112JD.125ACoil Spring Compressor$962.12Add To Order
204-112-01JD.226Adaptor Spring CompressorCall To Order
204-112-03 Compressor Front Spring Adaptor$398.12Add To Order
204-113JD.132Rear Hub Removal Tool (2 Pieces)$215.67Add To Order
204-114JD.133Camber Tie Down Links (2 pieces)$267.39Add To Order
204-115JD.135Lower Bushings Removal and Installation Tool$121.68Add To Order
204-116JD.143AFront Suspension Bushings Removal and Installation Tool (main tool) used with shop press$75.98Add To Order
204-116-01JD.143-1Front Sub Frame Rear Bushing Adaptor used with 204-116$101.14Add To Order
204-116-02JD.143-2Anvil Adaptor used with 204-116 and 204-116-1$148.17Add To Order
179 found: Page 1 of 9
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