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Special Service Tools

Automatic Transmission

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 Tool NumberLegacy Tool NumberTool NamePrice (USD)
307-008-01CBW.547A-50-3Front and Rear Servo Adjusting ToolDiscontinued
307-010CBW.1CHydraulic Pressure Test Equipment (set)$212.11Add To Order
307-010-0118G.677-2Pressure Test Adaptor used with CBW.1-C GM Powertrain 400 4180-E$38.17Add To Order
 307-010-03CBW.1C-5Pressure Test Adaptor used with CBW.1-CCall To Order
307-010-04JD.677-3Pressure Test Adaptor used with CBW.1-C$35.09Add To Order
307-010-05 Oil Pressure Adapter$37.79Add To Order
307-05718G.1297Front and Rear Seal Installation Tool$106.61Add To Order
307-060 Band Application Pin Selection Gauge$206.46Add To Order
307-091 Torque Converter Handles$49.97Add To Order
307-136JD.102Front and Rear Seal Removal and Installation Tool used with 307-136-01-Sedan 4.0$166.98Add To Order
307-136-01JD.102-1Front and Rear Seal Removal and Installation Adaptor used with JD.102Discontinued
307-137JD.103Selector Linkage Setting Tool$84.97Add To Order
307-138JD.104Extension Housing Needle Bearing Removaland Installation Tool ZF-4 HP 22$42.17Add To Order
307-139JD.105Torque Converter Handles (2 pieces)$43.52Add To Order
307-144JD.110Kickdown Cable Removal Tool$33.39Add To Order
 307-145JD.111Transmission Holding FixtureDiscontinued
 307-146JD.126Valve Body Oil Seal Removal and InstallationDiscontinued
307-147JD.127Linear Gear Switch Setting Tool$26.89Add To Order
307-218JD.161Rotary Switch Setting Tool$124.22Add To Order
 307-219JD.162Kickdown Switch Setting ToolDiscontinued
46 found: Page 1 of 3
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