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Special Service Tools


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 Tool NumberLegacy Tool NumberTool NamePrice (USD)
60344BEVPadlock$9.40Add To Order
BSU2-125/B-USBattery Support Unit (BSU) Traction (Use in Service Bay)Battery Support Unit (BSU) Traction 90-amp (Use in Service Bay)$1,195.25Add To Order
JAG-061JAG.061Thrust Bearing Kit (Mandatory)$172.40Add To Order
JAG-067-01 Bracket, Driveshaft Balancer S-Type$106.05Add To Order
JAG-067-02 Bracket, Driveshaft Balancer$304.29Add To Order
JAG-067-03 Brackets,Driveshaft Balancing$157.74Add To Order
JAGJCK7DBLFender CoverJaguar Branded Exterior Vehicle Protection$133.35Add To Order
JG11XF Jaguar XF Type tailored black PVC wing covers, 2 part set$1,163.98Add To Order
JG11XFRS-JAGJG11XFRSXF Boot & Sill Protect Covers$443.33Add To Order
JLR-1839 Cooling System Pressure Tester (Mandatory)$374.32Add To Order
JLR-310 Test Adapter Hose, EVAP Port$42.39Add To Order
JLRJCK7DBLFender CoverJaguar Land Rover Branded Exterior Vehicle Protection$136.42Add To Order
JLR-NSL1001JLR-NSL 1001Squeak & Rattle Kit (Mandatory)$410.00Add To Order
JLR-NSL1001/1Included in squeak & rattle kit “JLR-NSL1001”AC612/21, 50ml Pump Spray$72.48Add To Order
JLR-NSL1001/2Included in squeak & rattle kit “JLR-NSL1001”PEOX DF, 30ml Wipa Pen$76.62Add To Order
JLR-NSL1001/3Included in squeak & rattle kit “JLR-NSL1001”PEOX Paste, 50gram jar$72.48Add To Order
JLR-NSL1001/4Included in squeak & rattle kit “JLR-NSL1001”AC F-27, 40ml Felt Pen$76.62Add To Order
JLR-NSL1001/5Included in squeak & rattle kit “JLR-NSL1001”AC602/2, 40ml Felt Pen$76.62Add To Order
JLR-NSL1001/6Included in squeak & rattle kit “JLR-NSL1001”Nyogel 774L, 5gr Tube$73.72Add To Order
JLR-NSL1001/7Included in squeak & rattle kit “JLR-NSL1001”Felts & Foam Pack$107.48Add To Order
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