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Special Service Tools

Climate Control

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 Tool NumberLegacy Tool NumberTool NamePrice (USD)
16235RA16380EU and RA16352EUA/C Tracker Ultra-Violet Test Kit UV$211.95Add To Order
17499 Dust Cover$86.21Add To Order
18460 Oil Injection Hose R-1243YF$149.50Add To Order
22791 Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector$437.00Add To Order
25700 Contaminated Refrigerant Recovery Machine$1,040.75Add To Order
34788NI134a Air Conditioning Unit134a Air Conditioning Unit$4,698.76Add To Order
 412-046JD.146Clutch Front Plate and Rotor Disassembly-Assembly Tools (set) Part of Sanden compressor kit SD 510$402.79Add To Order
 412-048JD.149Oil Level Dip Stick Part of Sanden compressor kit SD 510 and 211-S152Discontinued
 412-050JD.164Oil Seal Protection Tool (installation) part of Sanden compressor kit SD 510Discontinued
412-070JD.174Fuel Tank Evaporative Flange Wrench$254.63Add To Order
412-071JD.175Fuel Tank Internal Hose Clip Tool$55.59Add To Order
412-083JD.197R-134a Front Compressor Seal Removal and Installation Tool$55.99Add To Order
412-109 A-C Comp Clutch Puller$36.01Add To Order
JLR-1839 Cooling System Pressure Tester (Mandatory)$374.32Add To Order
JLR-412-147412-147Remover, Register (Mandatory)$37.52Add To Order
JLR-412-152 Blower Motor Replacement Tool$97.05Add To Order
JLR-AC1234-6 1234YF Air Conditioning Unit (Mandatory)$6,495.00Add To Order
TIF8900 Combustible Gas Detector$198.73Add To Order
18 found: Page 1 of 1