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Special Service Tools


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 Tool NumberLegacy Tool NumberTool NamePrice (USD)
100-050LRT-99-019Band-It Tool (Mandatory)$96.75Add To Order
303-021MS.53DEngine Support Bar used with MS.53-C-1$476.16Add To Order
303-021-01MS.53C-1Hook for Engine Support Bar used with MS.53-C$57.76Add To Order
303-032JD.50Timing Chain Tensioner Retraction Tool (3 pieces)$168.44Add To Order
303-046JD.39Jack Shaft Retaining Tool$109.18Add To Order
303-047JD.40Camshaft Sprocket Retaining Tools (4 pieces)$48.27Add To Order
303-048JD.41Cylinder Liner Retaining Tools (6 pieces)$221.03Add To Order
303-102 Crankshaft Damper Installer (Draw Bolt)$159.23Add To Order
303-1068 Engine Support Bracket$165.42Add To Order
303-1069FRDHM13 and 021810Torque Adaptor 13MM x 3/8" DRIVE (Mandatory)$59.55Add To Order
 303-1077 Ribe SocketSuperseded
303-1077A Ribe Socket - M12 x 1/2$37.99Add To Order
303-1117 AUTO TRANSMISSION LOCKING$122.61Add To Order
303-1118 Camshaft Front and Rear Oil Seal Remover$111.90Add To Order
303-1119 Camshaft Front and Rear Oil Seal Installer$44.58Add To Order
303-1120 Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Remover (Mandatory)$182.75Add To Order
303-1121A Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Installer (Mandatory)$77.50Add To Order
303-1122 Crankshaft Front Seal Sleeve (Mandatory)$131.95Add To Order
303-1123 Flywheel Locking Tool$202.32Add To Order
303-1124 Camshaft pulley holder$137.36Add To Order
182 found: Page 1 of 10
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